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Proud Member Moment!!

Dr. Sherene Mason Named Division Head of Nephrology

Dr. Sherene Mason, MD, MBA, has been named Division Head and the inaugural Robert R. Rosenheim Endowed Chair for Nephrology at Connecticut Children’s. Since joining Connecticut Children’s, Dr. Mason has been a powerful advocate for there patients and families. Through various leadership roles, including as an elected Board member of our Specialty Group and Steering Committee member of there Pediatric Residency DEI group, Dr. Mason has served to drive change in health disparities that impact delivery of and access to care. Her passion for patients, education and research will continue to be a tremendous asset to there organization as Division Head and Rosenheim Chair. She is also the first woman of the African diaspora and Jamaican heritage to hold a chair at Connecticut Children’s. Join us in congratulating Dr. Mason on her new leadership role! Dr. Mason was also our trailblazer recipient of 2019!

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