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You can help Shamar  
continue his college education
and journey towards becoming a professional golfer.


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We’re asking for your help for Shamar Wilson, a native of Runaway Bay, Jamaica, to achieve his dream of graduating from Albertus Magnus College and continue his journey to represent his country as a golfer. Despite his great success in school and in his sport, Shamar is an international student who is not eligible for financial aid and does not have access to student loans which means he does not have access to the financial means to cover college costs like tuition, meals, boarding and fees.

Your Support Matters

Shamar is in dire need of your support to continue his journey in higher education. Our goal is to raise $50,000 with all donated funds going directly to helping Shamar continue his collegiate journey as a student athlete. Your donation is tax-deductible.

As we say in Jamaica,.

"Every mickle mek a muckle.” In other words, every little bit helps.
We appreciate your consideration."

On March 9, 2023

Essence Online featured Shemar's story


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On March 8, 2023 featured Shemar's story

Donate Now

Help Shamar continue his journey. All funds raised will be donated directly to Albertus Magnus College and applied to Shamar's college experience.  Funds raised in excess of Shamar's needs will be contributed to the JAC Annual Scholarship Fund;

JAC will take no administrative or other fees from this fundraising effort. 


All donations are tax deductible.


Thank you for your donation!

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Meet Shamar


Shamar Wilson is a gifted sophomore. He’s pursuing a degree in business marketing, maintaining a 3.28 grade point average while also being an active member of the Albertus Magnus golf team. He’s a 6’5” tall, naturally gifted golfer who has been playing for approximately 5 years. In that short time, he’s honed his skills in the Hoerman Cup in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean Golf Championship, and the Jamaican Open.

With the support of a sponsor US family, Shamar was able to apply for and attend college here in New Haven at Albertus Magnus College. Since being at Albertus, he has played in several NCAA Division III events. Within his first collegiate year, Shamar was named AMC Spotlight Player of the Week, placed second in the Mitchell Invite, and achieved the Great Northeast Atlantic Conference (GNAC) Rookie of the Week four weeks in a row.


In 2022, due to unforeseen circumstances, Shamar lost financing for his education with the exception of a Merit Scholarship from Albertus Magnus.  That’s when Jamaican American Connection, (JAC) a New Haven, Connecticut-based nonprofit organization, heard of his plight.  JAC initiated a vigorous fundraising campaign to ensure that Shamar would be able to continue his studies at Albertus Magnus for the 2023 Spring semester and beyond. 

Our primary mission at the Jamaican American Connection, is to advance, encourage and foster the cultural, educational, and economic well-being of the Jamaican and Caribbean/West Indian communities in the Greater New Haven area. With that mission in mind, we’re proud to help provide an avenue for Shamar to achieve his dream of completing college. We ask you to consider making a generous donation to that end. 

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