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Marketing Materials for Shamar Wilson Fundraising Initiative

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Use the above image in your social media posts.  We also suggest using the below caption:

Shamar Wilson needs our help.  Shamar is a gifted sophomore at Albertus Magnus College in New Haven, CT.  He's pursuing a degree in business marketing and is maintaining a 3.28 GPA (grade point average).  Shamar is also a golf prodigy; at 6'5" tall, he's a naturally gifted golfer whose been playing for approximately 5 years and appeared in multiple tournaments including the Hoerman Cup in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean Golf Championship, and the Jamaican Open.  Shamar is also an international student who does not have access to the traditional scholarships, financial aid or student loans. We need your help to ensure Shamar is able to continue his studies at Albertus Magnus and continue to pursue his dream.  The Jamaican American Connection, Inc is raising funds to help this unique and talented young man.  Donate today.

Additional Information

For additional information about the campaign, please contact:

Milton Jackson

Director of Digital Fundraising Initiatives


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